Found In Collection

By Larry Hayden, OMAA Preparator

Among the many interesting objects in the OMAA collection are numerous artifacts and ephemera that may never be exhibited. These are snapshots, publicity photos, clippings, news articles, correspondence, files, fragments, and museum publications. These enrich and illustrate our understanding of the fascinating history of the Museum. While doing research and exhibition development recently, I came across this publicity photo taken by Clark Photography, during the opening reception for Peggy Bacon’s 1979 show. Here is a fascinating image of Peggy Bacon with OMAA founder Henry Strater. But of special, timely interest, note a figure just behind them, somewhat in the shadow. It is the youthful artist Dewitt Hardy, beloved, late friend of the Museum who played an important role in the museum’s development over the years.

Found in Collection will be an occasional column on the OMAA blog as interesting things surface in our ongoing work with the collection and historical archive.

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