Will Barnet: Portraits and Homages

Tuesday, July 25, 6 p.m.

Will Barnet, who passed in 2012 at age 101, worked through the better part of the last century and well into the present one.  Throughout, his fierce independence was guided by a sense of building relationships and conveying intimacy, both personal and in his approach to formal problems of making paintings.  Barnet was also a beloved teacher who knew and supported the work of his many students and fellow artists in New York and in Maine where he summered since the 1970s.   This talk by former Farnsworth Art Museum Director and founding curator of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Christopher Crosman will touch on work from Barnet’s early social realist drawings and prints of the Great Depression though his  break-through “Indian Space” abstractions, to his unerring  portraits of family and friends, and to the darkly enigmatic late works inspired by the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

Will Barnet, “Woman and the Sea,” 1973, oil on canvas, 51 3/4″x41″, Private Collection

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