Tracking Narrative: A Contemporary Approach to Landscape

In this 6 p.m. talk, artist Lucinda Bliss will discuss the evolution of her work over the last 5 years, during which she developed a unique approach to using place as artistic source. The artist’s current work draws on the rich history of Maine landscape painting as well as on the mid-20th century land art tradition. Though grounded in drawing, Bliss’ work has expanded to include installation and photography, and her creative process has become interactive, with an expanded understanding of audience and formal presentation. Bliss will briefly discuss the genesis of this shift in her work, in drawings she created after navigating the perimeters of Maine farms. In this work, as well as in her work exploring the Casco Bay Watershed, running became an integral part of the creative process. This approach culminated in the 2016 Tracking the Border project, which entailed a creative exploration of the 611 miles that make up the Maine-Canada border. Bliss will share some of the border narratives from her experience, share images of the resulting studio work, and discuss how her work reflects a shifting approach to landscape and place in contemporary art.